Senior Boxer Dog

one eyed jack: our mascot

The Campbells are dog people.  When Kristi first moved to Belfast she had to leave Thatch, her Collie cross, back in the States with her family for 6 months.  We knew we had to have a dog in the house so we rescued Jack (a senior Boxer). 

Jack was the most awesome dog on the planet. We rescued him at 9 years old, he survived cancer 3 times, lost an eye to glaucoma and was the best craic on four legs.  He passed away after a long happy life in 2014. He was rescued from Northern Ireland Boxer Rescue


thatch (aka monkey)

She was born on a ranch in Chino, California. Her youth was spent snatching discarded half eaten burritos from the streets of West Hollywood. She was part Border Collie, part horse.  She barked too much, sniffed car door handles and was the best dog ever.


Doc (aka dr emmett brown) 

Doc was rescued from Assisi Animal Sanctuary in Northern Ireland. He's probably some form of Jack Russell and his colouring makes him look like a reverse bandit.  He's about 11 years old now and enjoys jumping straight up in the air (repeatedly) and snuggles.