2016 was a year of milestones for us. Five full years in business, passing the 200 weddings mark, and by Neal's not very scientific calculation, taking our millionth photo together as The Campbells. 

That is a lot of glimpses into the human condition and it's what makes us value our jobs. You'll be glad to know that there aren't a million photos in this post, but this small selection does represent the reasons why we still love telling these stories. Moments of stillness, moments of hilarity, moments of raw emotion, and many moments of love. 

Five years in and we're just getting started. Bring on the next five. 

Shauna & Hardeep's Irish/Indian Adventure

The morning of Shauna & Hardeep's wedding was gorgeous and they REALLY wanted to have their ceremony outside in Ballyvolane's garden.  Then weather seemed to take a turn for the worse and it was down to the wire to make a decision on whether or not to move the ceremony indoors.  Everyone was running around checking their phones for weather updates but it was looking grim.  Shauna was steadfast and kept the ceremony in the garden and we were so glad she did.  After a few tiny showers during the Baraat (groom's procession) and Milni (meeting of the two families) it turned into a beautiful afternoon.  Seriously, it was like a disney movie - birds were chirping, small animals were frolicking (mostly dogs).  

The reception seemed to fly by in a haze of laughter, pints and serious merriment.  We loved that they named their tables after movies and then asked their guests to act out scenes from said movies.  Then of course there was the epic costume change that brought with it some SERIOUS dancing.  The group Shamrock Bhangra were an absolute joy to watch.  If Shauna and Hardeep manage to carry with them even a quarter of the happiness that was floating around on their day then they will be set for life!