A Peatlands Engagement Session with Grace & Paddy!

It was Grace herself that suggested we shoot our session at the Peatlands Park and what a fantastic suggestion it was.  The park is a huge sprawling piece of land full of hidden pathways and some serious landscape.  Apparently there is even a lake there, but it eluded us on this fine day.  

I had been emailing with Grace quite a bit before we met for the first time (even planning future projects) so I was understandably anxious on the day.  Upon meeting the two of them that melted away completely and it felt more like meeting up with old friends.  I think we might have spent more time chatting as we walked the park scouting locations than actually taking photographs.  

These two got engaged at Marix in West Hollywood which is just around the corner from my old apartment.  So she came with a bag full of props that meant something to them like a matchbook from Chateau Marmount, an Arlo Guthrie album and an American flag.  Girl after my own heart.

Grace has started the blog Belfast Bride and she's started a wedding concierge/planning service called Grace & Savior!