Fiona & Anthon's Dublin Wedding

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Fiona and Anthon had a very near perfect day and it was entirely down to them doing things their own way. I say “near perfect” because there is no craic in perfection. After a lovely ceremony everyone walked over to the Luas and went straight to the pub (no city parking!). It rained for maybe 10 minutes and then the air became crisp and clear for our walk around St Stephen’s Green. A good example of why rain isn’t always a bad thing, a lot of times the light after a rain is an absolute dream. Then over to the Westbury for dinner and dancing. Fiona got a wedding blessing from a canine Garda officer which was the best thing ever because . . . dogs. The day was relaxed and everywhere we looked people were smiling and laughing. We worked alongside Rodolphe from Best Day Productions who is without a doubt our favorite wedding filmmaker. You can see Fiona & Anthon’s wedding film here.


2016 was a year of milestones for us. Five full years in business, passing the 200 weddings mark, and by Neal's not very scientific calculation, taking our millionth photo together as The Campbells. 

That is a lot of glimpses into the human condition and it's what makes us value our jobs. You'll be glad to know that there aren't a million photos in this post, but this small selection does represent the reasons why we still love telling these stories. Moments of stillness, moments of hilarity, moments of raw emotion, and many moments of love. 

Five years in and we're just getting started. Bring on the next five.