We were introduced through our shared love of photography and our courtship is immortalised in our flickr accounts.  After many, many ridiculous phone bills and airline fares we got married.  Kristi and her trusty sidekick, Thatchie (a Border Collie mix). left the Golden State behind and joined Neal in Belfast.


County Antrim born and bred, I’m a self-taught photographer with a serious penchant for film and cameras that are older than I am.  I never leave the house without a camera and I develop all of the film I shoot in our  kitchen.  That dog you can see in our logo is Jack, my boxer.  He’s awesome!


From the outskirts of Los Angeles, I specialise in capturing people in their best moments and believe that everyone is photogenic.  Timing is everything.  I love tacos and vintage dresses.  A little piece of my heart lives in John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row.


Our logo was designed by Ryan O’Reilly